10 Amazing Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained and Busy at Weddings

Weddings are not just about entertaining your adult guests but it is equally important for you to make sure that your little guests are entertained too. It is extremely important to have activities for children at weddings to keep them engaged and to keep them happy. These wedding activities are surely the best way to avoid run riots and fights amongst children so that their parents can enjoy the celebrations at ease. The secret to have easy and stress-free reception depends on these DIY wedding activities for kids which add on to the fun of the celebrations.

This post brings 10 most amazing wedding activities for kids to keep them occupied. Use these children’s wedding activity pack ideas to make sure you don’t miss on making your wedding a kid-friendly celebration. Use the list of things to do for kids at wedding reception for more fun.

1. Art and Craft Activities

Wedding Art and Craft ActivitiesArt and crafts are loved by children and make awesome choice of kids wedding activity packs. You can have one corner booked for them with crayons, colors, playdough, paper sheets and various other craft stuff to let them have a good time. Let them make wedding cards or any other creative thing for the groom and the bride.

2. Kids Table at Wedding Reception

Kids Table at Wedding ReceptionIf there are a good number of kids of same age at the wedding then you can have an exclusive table booked for them. With a menu of foods children like, with some chocolates and games on the table, you can let them enjoy and have them entertained without anything else. You can also have a baby sitter to assist them.

3. Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games for kidsIf the venue of the wedding is some garden or a good open space then arrange for some outdoor games for the little guests. Few of the games you can easily arrange for include hopscotch, twister etc. If it is a day wedding and the weather is good, then skipping ropes, hula hoops and kites can be very entertaining choices of games to have.

4. Engaging Indoor Games

Kids Engaging Indoor GamesIf it is raining or it is an indoor reception and children don’t have much space to run and play. In such a situation, activities for children at weddings include a few good indoor games like Monopoly, Business, Guess Who or any other board game which they enjoy. This will surely be a good way to make them sit at one place and play.

5. Go for a Professional Entertainer

Children EntertainerIf you don’t mind spending a little extra then hiring professionals to entertain children is a great idea. You can have a story teller or a magician or some clown or some puppet show presenter to have them enjoy your wedding reception. These entertainers are amazing ideas for more fun at wedding. You can choose from children’s wedding entertainment packs to add some interesting games.

6. Set up a Movie Room

Kids Movie Room set upArrange for a movie corner for kids. Get some funny, comedy and animated movies played on the screen and kids are going to be happy. To pamper them, arrange for mini tubs of pop corns; set up a comfortable seating with pillows and cushions. Let them relax and enjoy their time watching movies they have always loved. This kind of wedding activity for kids will keep everyone happy.

7. Kids Photo Booth

Kids Photo BoothHave some bright, beautiful, unique dress up items and innovative photo props to create a wonderful photo booth especially for kids. Add feather bows, funny hats, glasses and specs, tutus, moustaches and furs to let them enjoy a fun-filled and fashionable photo session for children. You can also add on some funny masks, printed t-shirts and planks to keep them engaged in their own world of creativity and clicks.

8. Cute Activity Briefcase

Cute Activity BriefcaseGift every kid who enters the reception area a cute activity briefcase which opens to him the world of fun filled activities like painting, DIY activities, chocolates, juices and other stuff loved by kids. You can have your own assortment of goodies which will surely keep them happy and engaged without bothering to run around or fight. But make sure all briefcases have same stuff to avoid fights!!!

9. Wedding Themed Activity Book

Wedding Themed Activity BookHave a custom made wedding theme books with different images for kids to paint in their favorite colors. This is surely a very pocket friendly idea to pack these activity books with crayons. There can be a few paper puzzles to keep their interest going. These printables are awesome wedding activities for kids.

10. Only Kids Tent

Kids TentSet up a cute tent just for kids with cushions and some board games to let them have their own space at the reception. This is a wonderful wedding activity idea as children can sleep, lie, relax, talk, play or do anything that they want without getting bored at the marriage function.

With such wonderful unique ideas for fun wedding day activities for kids you can keep them happily entertained and busy. Choose any of these ideas to make your wedding celebrations more fun for all.

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