Top 10 Tops for Newborn Babies in India

Newborn baby Tops

Parents are always looking for trendy and smart tops for their newborn babies. This is something which is always needed, no matter what kind of clothing your kid is wearing. Ranging from pajamas to shorts, skirts to pants, they are needed to be coupled with every kind of baby clothing for creating a complete look for the infant.

These tops and t-shirts come in vibrant colors and patterns. They also differ on the length of the sleeves ranging from short ones to long ones. They come in different neck patterns like round, V-shaped, buttoned etc. This means you have an enthralling range to select lots of tops and t-shirts for your newborn kid in India and make his wardrobe look lively and colorful.

1. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Tees

The colorful and smart t-shirts with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse prints are one of the most beautiful tops that you can buy for young boys and baby girls to dress them smartly every day. They come in simple colors with colorful prints on the front which makes them look so full of life and style. This is a perfect pick for infants. They are so comfortable and easy to wear.

2. Hoodie Tops

Hoodies are a wonderful fashionable wear for young kids in India. They come with a promise to look good and feel comfortable. They can easily be complemented with matching pajamas for a fashionable yet easy look. It is a cool wear for young baby girls and baby boys.

3. Cotton Long Sleeves Shirts

Another choice of smart baby clothing for boys is cotton shirt with long sleeves. It is a smart formal wear for newborn baby boys in India. They come in different patterns like checks and stripes. Team them up with a pair of jeans or denim shorts for your infant and dress him with elegance and style whenever you go out.

4. Sweatshirt with Hoodies

Sweatshirts look cool and feel extremely comfortable in winters. You can buy for your little baby these smart sweatshirts which come with hoodies. The long sleeves make up for perfect winter attire. They come with a print on the front and look wonderful on young kids. You can always make your toddler wear some inner on the inside the sweatshirt and you need nothing else.

5. Top with Inner

Buy a beautiful combination of inner and top for your infant baby girl. The simple white inner comes with a contrast salmon pink full sleeves designer top making up a beautiful party wear top for your toddler girl. You can make her wear this with a pair of jeans or shorts for dressing her up for birthday parties and weddings.

6. Shimmery Party Shrug

If you wish to dress your baby girl in a more fashionable and trendy manner then you can always go for a smart, shimmery and stylish party shrug which can be complemented with a spaghetti or top on the inside. This is a gorgeous top for young baby girls which makes up a good choice of clothing with shirts and shorts.

7. Winter Sweatshirt With Stylish Sleeves

You can also have the smart and posh looking sweatshirt for your toddler baby girl which comes with smart designer sleeves. It is very comfortable and cozy and promises to protect your newborn baby girl from chilling winters. Add more fashion to her clothing by having his elegant sweatshirt ordered for her which can easily be teamed up with skirts and short.

8. Hello Kitty Fashion Hoodies

The gorgeous and elegant Hello Kitty hoddies are also one of the most appealing choices of tops for infant baby girls in India. They come in short sleeves and have a kitty print on the front. They are extremely desirable and smart and promise great comfort and ease of clothing for young kids in India. You can keep your princess warm by covering her head with the cozy hoodie attached at the back for windy winters.

9. Designer Full Sleeves Top

Go for the beautiful party wear top in corn yellow color which comes with smart collars and full sleeves. The girl on the front makes it look more elegant and stylish. This is another gorgeous top for young girls in India which is a perfect blend of fashion and comfort for your cute little daughter. You can always have it coupled with skirts, shorts or jeans for an enthralling look.

10. Stripped Top

Add to the trousseau of your baby girl the smart and the stylish top which comes with full sleeves. It comes with a stripped pattern on the bodice for a beautiful appeal. It is very comfortable and fashionable in its designing which makes it ideal party clothing for your cute baby girl. This is one of the best choices of t-shirt for baby girls in India.

These were top 10 tops for newborn baby girls and baby boys in India which can be shopped for carving a beautiful and fashionable look for young kids. Choose from any of these designs to have the finest tees and t-shirts.

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