The quick Do’s and Don’ts when planning a baby

Do's and Don’ts planning a baby

Off late if you could think of nothing but babies; when you are on the road, there are babies everywhere; when you are on the subway, just their presence makes you happy or their sweet chuckle makes your day, it’s high time for some family planning. Once you sit with your partner to have the talk, try to focus on the pre planning aspect. No doubt conceiving a baby is the greatest feeling on earth, but the process is not a piece of cake either. You have to be extra careful and keep yourself fit and healthy to build a good environment for your baby. And if your pregnancy is unplanned, start taking care of yourself right away when you find yourself pregnant.

The quick Do’s and Don’ts

1. Get your ovulation figures straight. Ovulation period is the time when you are most fertile and chances of getting pregnant is maximum. Calculate the right time of the month and spice up your bed with your partner. All the best!

2. Smoking should be a big no’ no’. Pregnancy specialists suggest that smoking by either partner delay conception. Plus it also exposes your baby to risk.

3. Alcohol encourages infertility and therefore even a sip by either you or your partner should be out of question. Try to have minimum or avoid it altogether.  It can restrict fetal development during pregnancy or even worse cause malformation.

4. Avoid being on any kind of medication. Doctors opine that fertilization and early developmental stage of a baby is controlled by balanced chemical processes inside the mother’s body. Hence influx of chemicals in the form of medicines can upset the development. It is recommended to stop medication at least 3 months before conception and during pregnancy. In case of oral contraceptives, they produce chemical hormones that induce infertility and hence it is important to clear the body of synthetic hormones to re-establish the lost natural cycle before conception.

5. You are the sole source of nutrition for your child growing inside of you. What you eat or drink reflects upon the fetus. However, what you have piled up right before your pregnancy is equally important for early fetal development. A baby’s major organs form from day 1 until the 12th week. Eat wisely.

6. Exercise is very important. You need a fit body for conception. Start with regular exercise and yoga to strengthen your lower back muscles, stomach and legs so that you are able to cope up with the bodily changes that will occur as you proceed with pregnancy.

Happy Child is a reflection of Happy Mommy… Start healthy and fresh!!!

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