Tips for Karva Chauth Fast During Pregnancy | Fasting During Pregnancy in Hinduism

Tips for Karva Chauth Fast During Pregnancy, Fasting During Pregnancy in Hinduism

Fasting is an important part of Hindu culture and when it comes to Karva Chauth, it is no doubt one of the most important fasts wives observe for the long life of their husbands. Karva Chauth 2018 is here and there are so many women who are pregnant and are skeptical about fasting during pregnancy in Hinduism, they will find important fasting tips for pregnant women.

Well, this is one of the few fasts wherein you not only stay with food but also without water. And when you are pregnant, you have lots of tips flooding in from your family, friends and relatives. But your decision is the final one whether you want to observe the fast or not.

Important Tips for Karva Chauth Fasting in Pregnancy

Discuss it with your Gynecologist

It is always good and safe that you consult your doctor before taking a final call. In Karva Chauth, you not only stay without food but also without water which means that this can distress the baby. Also it depends whether Karva Chauth is in third trimester of your pregnancy or first. All these points can be best dealt by the doctor because he is the one who knows your condition the best. You can also ask him “can I eat kuttu in pregnancy”, “what all things should I include in my meal” etc.

A wholesome healthy Sargi is a must

Because you will be fasting, it is important that you begin your day with a wholesome and healthy meal of Sargi which keeps your energy levels high. Include dry fruits, milk and other nutritious things in your food. Make sure that you eat things that keep you hydrated. In case, you suffer from morning sickness then it is not a very good idea to have a rich Sargi early in the morning. In that condition, keep it light!!!

Move ahead with a change

Of course you are pregnant and of course your body is not in a normal state. Therefore, while observing Karva Chauth fast, you must make sure that you make some changes in your fasting so that your health doesn’t suffer. You don’t have to be too rigid in accommodating these changes. Discuss it with someone else in your family and move ahead with changes that make fasting comfortable.

Stay prepared

Because you are on fast, there are chances that you might face problems like headaches, fatigue, acidity etc. You must stay prepared for all these issues which are very common in a situation like this. Don’t panic but focus on your intake of fluids and food.

Change your focus

If you will keep thinking about fasting in pregnancy then surely you will feel hungrier and have more discomfort. You must change your focus and get busy in doing things. You can go shopping, meet your friends, read something, go for a movie or do anything that shifts your attention and keeps you going through the day.

Health and Baby Come First

If you think that your body is not strong enough then don’t push yourself too much to observe the fast. Instead, keep your health and baby’s health at priority instead of being conservative.

Just enjoy the celebrations

In case you opt to not observe the fast then don’t get negative, instead enjoy the celebrations. Dress pretty and participate in pooja and other rituals of Karva Chauth.

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Important Tips For New Mothers For Karva Chauth

Likewise, if you are new mom then again you must follow these tips for a comfortable Karva Chauth:

Enjoy a wholesome Sargi in the morning.
Make certain changes in your Sargi by adding things like cottage cheese etc. to it
Make changes to your Karva Chauth as per the situation
Keep yourself hydrated
Keep having dry fruits, fruits, juices, buttermilk etc.
Consult with your doctor if you have any other medical condition doesn’t recommend observing any fast in pregnancy but if you still want to fast we would suggest you to take the advice of your Gynecologist or doctor first to make sure that your health doesn’t suffer because of it.

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