How to make Headbands for Babies

Your little angel is definitely the most beautiful creature on earth. Babies are innocent and cute. Just a glance can make your day. You take care of their every small little detail. You feed them well, dress them perfectly, so why not accessorize them with what’s new in the wonderland? One of the most quintessential accessories for baby girls is undoubtedly the stylish and sweet headbands. They are gorgeous and found in boutiques and online stores. But if you are a very picky and fashion conscious mommy, not all designs will lure you. In that case, why not think out of the box and craft your own hair band and flaunt it on your little princess?

We have come up with the 5 basic steps to teach you how to make beautiful headband for your infant in a complete customized style.

Step 1: Measure the head. Get the appropriate size by measuring the circumference of the head. You may use a cloth measuring tape or simply opt for standard sizes available online. However, remember that your baby’s head is too fragile. Never keep the headband on for more than one continuous hour.

Step 2: Now decide on the width of the band. This decision usually depends on the size of the baby. For newborns half an inch width will be okay and for six to one year old one inch band is appropriate. The best thing about customized headbands is that you can do for trails. Simply cut scrap fabric and visually guess the correct width or try on proper size store-bought bands.

Step 3: Choose a material that is soft and won’t harm your baby’s fragile skin. Use high quality fabric like stretch jersey, velvet, or lace. They are perfect for babies. Here is a tip that will come handy when you go for material shopping: The material should form the band itself. Hence shop accordingly.

Step 4: Now start the production process. Use appropriate tools to cut the material. In case you are using jersey cut the length into a quarter to half-inch seam on both ends. It will have to be doubled over if you want to make a tube. On the other hand if you choose high quality stretch lace, you will require no doubling.

When you cut the elastic make sure there is enough room to ease the stretch and tension on your baby head so that she can wear it for a little longer.

Step5: Now use your fashion creativity to beautifully craft the tube and use start making designs you have in mind. One has one in mind, ‘bow’. Take a fabric ribbon and tie a bow as normal. Simply take out an extra inch and wrap it round around the center to hide the knot and attach it to the base band.

There you go! Lovely hair band for your little princess in 5 easy steps.

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Let’s take a look at how to choose a baby headbands for your little girl.

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  • Divya August 26, 2014, 7:58 PM

    Can you please give me online websites in India to buy elastic laces or headbands to make headbands for babies. Thanks in advance

  • Divya August 26, 2014, 8:00 PM

    Or fabrics also


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