How to Dress Your Newborn Baby for Summer/Hot Weather

It’s fun to dress your little baby in cute summer dresses. While babies look cute and adorable in those summer dresses, you must have a foresight to take precautionary measures to beat the heat. You have to keep your baby cool and comfortable and keep her/him away from the summer heat. Protect your baby’s tender skin from the ruthless summer heat. Plan your newborn wear in hot weather and keep your baby’s skin happy and breathable. Make your baby look adorable by flashing baby folds, chubby hands and feet in cute dresses and protect from the hot temperature.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when it comes to summer baby clothes.

Match your Baby

comfortable and match baby summer dress

When you plan to dress your baby during summers, always think what makes you comfortable. Think of some cool and breathable fabrics that will keep your baby sweat free and comfortable. Babies can’t handle heat. Keep them comfortable and cool. If you are wearing t-shirts and shorts, plan something similar for your baby too.

Always bring along an extra layer or two

Always bring along an extra layer or two baby clothes

Babies cannot regulate temperature and they need your support to manage. Always keep an extra air of clothes with you. If you baby feels cool, then you can change the clothes if your baby feels warm, you may remove some layers of clothes from the baby’s body. Carry necessary clothes for the baby.

Baby Onesie and Bodysuits are a Great Option

Baby Onesie and Bodysuits summer

If your baby is chubby and super cute, then go for bodysuit or a romper. Your baby’s chubby cute arms and legs will be in display and will add charm. If your baby is tine then they can be a standalone option. If you have a baby girl, then yu can dress her in bloomers and a thigh length skirt. This gives layers and you can remove the skirt if she feels too hot.

Don’t Overdress

Don’t Overdress baby

Babies look adorable when they are dressed well. Small little shoes, hair bands, little bracelets make you baby look supper cute, but avoid over dressing your baby in this hot summers. Babies are likely to get irritated. All these accessories will increase the heat and will make your baby absolutely uncomfortable.

Stick with lighter/brighter Colors

lighter/brighter Colors baby dress

We have read in many books and learnt in our school days that light colors are the best option in summers. Light colors don’t absorb heat, and this will make your baby feel very comfortable. In case you want to make your baby look colorful, avoid black. Team black with white in case you have dressed your baby in black.

Don’t forget a hat

Don’t forget a baby summer hat

A hat is a must when you step out with your baby. This protects your baby from the heat. Most of the babies are bald and beautiful. They need an extra layer of protection over their head. This will keep your baby protected from scorching heat.


Baby Sleeping

Sleep is very important for babies. They become very irritable if they don’t have sound sleep. Before you put them to sleep, you can feed them properly so that they stay hydrated. Make sure the mattress you use is comfortable and the blankets are breathable.


Baby Walks in summer

We live in warm climatic conditions. When you step out of your home for any reason or for a walk with your baby check out for he temperature. Usually the temperature is very hot from 12 m to 4 pm. It is advised to stay indoors during that time. Evenings the breeze will be cool and the temperature will cool down. Your baby will be comfortable to step out during that time.

How to keep baby cool in hot weather at night

hot weather night temperature

If the night temperature is really warm and humid, hang some wet towels on the chair. The warm air will evaporate the water from the towels and regulate the temperature in the room. Let there be cross ventilation in the room. Keep the windows open for some breezy air. The will cool the room temperature.

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