How to dress up kids for a Diwali Party

We have already started to feel the festive feel in the air. Preparations for Diwali have begun and we all are gearing up fast to look the best on this beautiful occasion which has always been special. As a mother, you don’t just need to bother about dressing up your ownself but you also need to look into dressing your baby for Diwali parties. We know that you want to make your kid look simply the best for each and every party this festive season.

This post talks about some of the interesting ways to dress your child for Diwali parties followed by some very useful tips using which you can actually make your baby stand out at every celebration. So read through and find out the tips on dressing kids for Diwali.

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Options for Dressing Baby Girls on Diwali

Here are some of the choices to dress your baby princess on this festival. You can select any of these depending upon the comfort and styling you wish to pick.

  • Ethnic Wear

If you want to go for traditional clothing for your baby girl then there are quite a lot of options to explore. You can select from designer lehenga sets, salwar kameez and anarkali suits. Not only this, you can also go for ready to wear saris and other Indo western dresses for kid girl which come in beautiful bright color combinations.

  • Western Wear

If you don’t want to indulge too much into ethnic wears then you can also shop for a few modern style dresses which include tutu skirts, tutu dresses, tops and tees for a smart look. You can always have some of these styles along with pure traditional outfits.

Options for Dressing Baby Boys on Diwali

Select from the platter of choices of clothing for baby boys in India. Each of these options is interesting selections on festivals like Diwali:

  • Ethnic Wear

One of the best ways to dress your kid on festivals is in traditional attires. You can shop for smart dhoti kurtas, ethnic kurta pajamas, elegant sherwanis etc. You can have them in different patterns and styles to suit your liking.

  • Western Wear

You can also shop for an exclusive party wear suit or a smart pair of trousers and shirts. This is surely going to be a good break from the ethnic clothing. As you need to have something exclusive for every party, adding a few modern dresses is a good idea.

Tips for Dressing up Kids for Diwali

Here are some very useful tips that must be kept in mind while dressing up children for Diwali. Use these guidelines and you will be able to have the best dress for your kid which offers greatest ease.

  • Choose the Right Size

Do not buy too big a size thinking that it can fit your baby for a few more months because it is really discomforting for a kid to wear clothes bigger than his size as they restrict his movement and feel bulky on his small body.

  • Avoid Embellishments

We all love clothes embellished with stones, pearls and various other fancy things but you must note that having such kind of embellishments is a risky affair as it may either rub against his skin causing discomfort or the baby may end up swallowing it. So avoid embellishments.

  • Say no to Dupattas

If your baby is really small then do not go for dresses which come with dupattas as your baby is too small to carry them. And in case you have bought something with a dupatta then do no unnecessarily load your kid with it. It is seriously a big hassle.

  • Comfort Over Fashion

We know that you want to make your baby look the best at every Diwali party but do not forget to keep his comfort as the topmost priority for you. Fashion and look don’t matter as much as the comfort of your child. If you think your baby does not like something or is getting irritated wearing something, remove it immediately.

  • Accessorize it Right

Make sure that you buy complementing accessories like hair clips, belts, shoes etc. to create a complete look for your little kid. Just by adding these small things to his style can make your baby look the best at every party.

  • Don’t Buy Expensive Clothes

It is good to be wise and smart with what you shop. Purchasing expensive clothes are really not suggested because your kid is in a growing frame and spending too much on his apparels doesn’t make sense as he would not be able to wear them too often.

All of these tips are very helpful in dressing your baby for Diwali parties. So keep all of these tips in mind while shopping and dressing your kid and for sure he is going to be the center of attraction this party season.

Clothing Choices for Kids To Wear to Diwali Party
Diwali is a 5 days long Hindu festival and dressing in beautiful dresses on each of these days is a must. If you are taking your little one for Diwali party then make sure that you have picked the best of baby Diwali clothes.

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