15 Creative Mommy and Me PhotoShoot ideas & Poses

Mommy and me photoshoots are one of the most special ones as they capture the beautiful bond a mother and a child share. Celebrating this bond of unconditional love and eternal affection with a Mother-Daughter Photoshoot or Mother-Son photoshoot is a wonderful idea as pictures always stay with us and keep the memories fresh in our hearts.

If you also wish to have one such photoshoot with your little one then we bring to you the most awesome mommy and me photoshoot ideas. Browse through these cute mom and son photoshoot ideas and mommy and daughter photoshoot ideas to get those finest clicks. These mommy and me photoshoot ideas for boy and girl will make it easy for you to plan your own photoshoot.

Mommy and Me Photoshoot Ideas for a Boy

Have a look at the most alluring and creative mom and son photoshoot ideas and make them your own. These mommy and me photoshoot baby ideas are all you need to have the most unique photoshoot with your son.

Hug Each Other

Hug Each Other Mommy and Boy Photoshoot

There is nothing better than a hug to express your love to your son. It is like you are holding your whole world in your arms. Clicking pictures hugging your son is one of the simplest and yet the most expressive and beautiful way to have the pictures clicked. There is no pretense, no setting but just emotions and love that you have for each other that will get reflected in the pictures.

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Picnic Setup

picnic set up for mommy and me photos

You can go out in the garden and create a picnic set up for mommy and me photos. This is again a very simple setting to get some of the best pictures. And make sure that you get these pictures in a beautiful garden at the time of twilight as that is the time when outdoor pictures come out the best.  A spread on the ground with a picnic basket and some picnic food will make it a quick set up.

Paint The Bodies

Paint The Bodies Mommy and Boy Photoshoot

Go creative and colorful by painting your bodies in vibrant colors to get some fun pictures clicked together. This is one of the simplest mommy and me photoshoot ideas at home. Just take the brush and some paint and randomly paint each other’s bodies to have some lovely pictures together. But make sure that you keep the clothing simple in a solid color which can be a white or black for the both of you.

Cooking Together

Cooking Together Mommy and Boy Photoshoot

It is a great idea to click pictures while being in the kitchen and cooking the food together. Celebrate your bond in your home as you cook together and have these beautiful moments captured in the pictures. For such a setup, the mommy and me photoshoot outfit ideas would be simple. A white shirt for the both of you will do the magic. If there is some scope for natural light to come in then it is all the more fun.

Fashion Clicks

Fashion Clicks Mommy and Me Photoshoot

If you are a fashionable mom then don’t shy away from clicking some of the most fashionable pictures with your son. Go with a glamorous ramp walk outfit and dress up your boy in something that matches your look to create a perfect synch and look into the camera lens with the right attitude and you are going to look the final results for sure.


Breastfeeding Mommy and Me Photoshoot

You can also go with one of the most beautiful mommy and me photoshoot ideas which is breastfeeding. Have some of the most expressive and beautiful pictures clicked with your son as you breastfeed him. This can be an indoor or outdoor photoshoot but whatever is the setting, these pictures are going to be the outstanding clicks.

Jump On The Bed

Jump On The Bed Mommy and Me Photoshoot

Celebrate the fun and high spirits you experience every day with your son with a photoshoot where you will be jumping on the bed. Hire a good professional to get some magical clicks as you both jump on the bed. You are going to fall in love with these pictures as they are going to express the fun you both have in the most special way.

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Mommy and Daughter Photoshoot Ideas for a Girl

Look no further as we bring to you the most fabulous mommy and daughter photoshoot ideas for a girl. Make your photoshoot a beautiful memory that is going to live with you forever with the pictures clicked with these ideas.

Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress Mommy and Daughter Photoshoot

There is nothing as amazing as dressing fancy with your daughter. Make your photoshoot truly stylish and talk of the town by picking the most fancy and fashionable outfits for your daughter and yourself. The mommy and me photoshoot outfit ideas include classy gowns. And once the dresses are done, look for a special setting to click these pictures. An outdoor setting will look the best with these fancy dresses.

Get Wrapped in Fabric

Get Wrapped in Fabric

Just hug your little princess as you both are wrapped in a fabric. Pick any fabric of any color of your choice and let the magic happen. The happiness and peace on your face and the cuteness on the face of your princess is going to make all these pictures look truly amazing. Keep it simple but keep it beautiful wrapped in fabric.

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Sit With The Baby On Lap

Sit With The Baby On Lap Mommy and Daughter Photoshoot

You don’t have to do anything but just keep your baby on your lap and get the pictures clicked. As the baby is going to sit on your lap she is going to smile and you are going to smile in return and the magic will get captured in the camera. But before you do that make sure that you have picked some nice and coordinated outfits to dress up in. It is a great idea to look for an outdoor setting for clicking these pictures.

Hold The Baby Up High In The Air

Hold The Baby Up High In The Air Mommy and Daughter Photoshoot

Babies laugh and smile when you hold them up high in the air and this is certainly a moment to capture. Keep it natural and simple by clicking pictures as you are holding your baby up high in the air. Let the sky be the backdrop in these pictures as your baby smiles and laughs. The right light and the right setting is going to make each of your pictures amazing.


Mommy and Daughter Twinning Photoshoot

Twinning is one of the interesting ways to dress up and look amazing and also have the most wonderful pictures clicked together. Look for a good outfit to dress up alike and look fantastic. Twine in the most amazing way with each other and let the photographer click pictures. Twinning may sound routine but it is also the most beautiful way to look great together- like mom, like daughter.

Sitting In The Baby Nursery

Sitting In The Baby Nursery

If you are wishing to have an indoor photoshoot with your baby girl in your house then there is no place better than her nursery to click these pictures. Just sit on the floor with her as she plays with her favorite toys. Don’t forget that you two have to dress up best for the photoshoot and just enjoy the pictures that you get in the end.

Hold Her To Your Chest

Hold Her To Your Chest Mommy and Daughter Twinning Photoshoot

Babies love it when moms hold them against their chests and this is certainly one of the most beautiful moments to capture in the camera. Let the pictures express the beautiful bond you both share and let these pictures show how much you love her in just one click. Just let her stay on your chest as you two breathe and let the emotions and expression get reflected in the pictures.

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