8 Amazing Super Mom Hacks That Make Life Easier

It is not easy being a mom. You have so many things to manage, be it your kids, your house, your office or anything else. You are always on the go and that’s why it is a real challenge to be a super mom. You always have to be on your toes, managing different areas skillfully. With no time to rest or relax, you have to keep doing your job and take care of the worst of the situation without giving up. That’s the reason mommies need to know smart hacks which can help them stay organized without losing on their time and avoiding the mess.

In this post, we have come up with 8 smart hacks for super moms which make their daily life so much easier. You can try these simple and easy hacks which can save your time and efforts to a great extent.

1. Closet with Double Rods

Closet with Double Rods kidsTo make sure that you are able to arrange the clothes of your little one in the most organized manner, you can always go with a closet with double rods or have two rods fitted in the closet you already have. The biggest advantage of this hack is that it will save your time to stack clothes and then iron them if they get wrinkled. Simply hang them and they are in good condition to wear.

2. Egg Carton Painting Tray

toddler Egg Carton Painting TrayIf your toddler enjoys painting then you can always create a safe and secure painting tray at home. Just save on your egg carton and you can give that to your child to make colors. And when he is done, you can simply ask him to close the carton and keep the colors safely. This would again save you from the mess as colors will be placed properly.

3. Bathroom Storage Using Peg Board

Kids Bathroom Storage Using Peg BoardYou have so many things that need to be placed in bathroom and to do that in an organized manner, you can have a peg board. Once your child is done playing with the peg board, you can always use it in your bathroom wall. This would help you create good amount of storage without spending any money. You can easily have your toiletries placed on the peg wall.

4. Kids Play Pool

Kids Play PoolKids love the pool and every family has one pool which they often use in summers to make it a playful time for their babies. Another interesting hack is to use that pool as a play pool for your kids if you have space. Just make your baby sit inside the pool and give him a few of his toys. He will get busy playing with his toys and he will also stay secured sitting in a pool.

5. Anti-Slippery Slippers

baby Anti-Slippery SlippersKids don’t like wearing shoes and they want to wander in the house and they simply want to move around in the house wearing socks. This of course results in tearing of socks. To avoid that you can simply add on some kind of puffy fabric paint or silicon base to the socks so that your baby doesn’t slip and his socks also don’t get torn easily.

6. Shoe Stickers

kids Shoe StickersBecause your baby is in the growing age, he would get confused time and again between his left and right foot. To keep things sorted, you can always put a sticker under the right shoe so that your baby can check and wear the shoe without running to you to know which shoe is the right one.

7. Puree for Meals

Kids Puree for MealsOnce your little one starts taking solids, you can always use your free time to prepare purees of his favorite fruits and vegetable and put them into the freezer. This would act as an instant healthy meal for your kid when you are busy.

8. Containers for Storage

Kids Containers for StorageAlways keep a few containers in your house to store things, especially your baby’s toys and clothes. These containers can be used for various purposes depending upon your need.


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