10 Tips for How to Choose a Best Preschool for Your Child

Preschool is the first place where a child steps out of the house for the first time. This is the first step towards learning a kid takes and therefore, it is of significant importance. The learning in the initial years of childhood lays the foundation for the future. All the etiquettes and behavioural patterns learnt in these years always stay with the child.

Hence, while searching and choosing for the best preschool of your child, it is suggested that you take into consideration important points which can help you make the best pick. This is the very first choice in terms of schooling you make for your child and therefore, you must keep it foolproof.

To make the preschool selection procedure easier and rewarding, here are the 10 tips for parents to follow.

10 Things To Consider That Will Help You Select The Perfect Preschool For Your Child

Location of the School

The travel time to the school is one of the most important to consider. The preschool has to be in the vicinity of your home so that your baby doesn’t spend very long in commuting. Begin your search with the schools that are located close to your residence.


These days education has become very expensive. Sky is the limit if you wish to spend generously on the education of your child. And preschools are no exception to this scenario. That is why you should first decide your budget for preschool so that you can have an organized search.

Understand Your Kid

As parents it is very important that you know your child. Understand his nature, likings and disliking. This is helpful in selecting the right preschool and also making sure that he enjoys going to the school instead of running away from it. If your child loves to do art and craft then make him join a preschool which undertakes creative activities for children.

Find out the approach of the school

Just like it is important to know the child, it is also important to know the school to find out the teaching approach. Some preschools focus more on creative learning which involves games, art, craft etc. On the other hand, there are schools which follow the traditional pattern of introducing school learning to kids. You know your kid and you also know what kind of learning you would want for your kid. Based on these points, you can select a preschool which supports the preferences.

School Timings and Routine

Preschools are for the beginners and therefore, should start at comfortable timings in the morning. They should last for 3-4 hours so that the child learns to sit in the class, talk to other kids around him and start enjoying the experience of the school. Secondly, the routine of the school should also be considered while finalizing it. Find out about the play time, lunch hour, nap time, if any etc.

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Teachers are the face of the school. They are the ones with whom children will interact on every day basis. Hence, it is very important that you find out about the teachers, their experience, their approach in dealing with children. Children love those teachers who are sweet to them and pamper them. But as parents, you must also look into the fact that the teacher is able to effectively help children learn and grow.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Parents should also include this point in their checklist. Clean toilets, corridors, classrooms and gardens are a must. A school which maintains good hygiene levels will always teach its students to do the same. Moreover, cleanliness is important for the health of your child.


Preschools are required to have well maintained play rooms with enough resources for kids to play and learn. Well maintained toilets and water coolers, gardens and classrooms are required to be checked while picking the final school for your little one.

Safety and Security

The school must have good security measures. Electronic surveillance, security guards are a few basic things which all good schools maintain. Also check for visitor’s policy of the school. This is an important point while picking the right preschool because safety has become a matter of serious concern and as parents you must look into the fact that you don’t have to worry when your child is in the school.


These days every parent wants that they are updated with the status of performance of their child at every step. Look for school which regularly stays in touch with the parents so that parents are well informed about each and every activity of their child.

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What to look for in a Good Preschool Program

A good preschool program forms the basis of learning for your child. So here are a few things that you must look for in a preschool program:

  • What all activities does it include? Yes, find that out!!!! Games, play time, craft, art, fire-less cooking are some of the activities that are included in the preschool program.
  • What is the ratio of studies and other activities? You must pick a preschool which your kid finds interesting. All work and no play will definitely be a wrong choice. Go with a preschool with a program involving less of studies and more of activities.

Questions to Ask Preschool

Here are some of the questions parents must ask preschools to get more clarity:

  • How safe is your school for my child?
  • What all things are included in the curriculum?
  • How often does the school communicate with the parents?
  • What is the strength of one class?
  • How well are the teachers and other staff trained in taking care of kids?
  • What is the Visitor’s Policy of the school?

Choosing a Preschool Checklist

It is extremely important to have a preschool checklist while selecting a preschool for your kid so that you don’t miss on anything that is important. Well, here is a quick checklist to follow:

  • Budget
  • Proximity
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Safety
  • Cleanliness
  • Teacher and Staff
  • Curriculum and Accreditation
  • Approach

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  • Levi Armstrong May 1, 2020, 12:24 AM

    My wife and I are looking for the best preschool in town for our three-year-old son. I like that you mentioned that in choosing a preschool, we should ask what their visitor’s policy to assure your child’s safety and security while in school. I agree with what you said because I don’t want some stranger, that may pose a threat, lurking in my son’s school grounds. I’ll keep this in mind when we visit the preschools on our list. Thanks!


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