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Newborn Baby Boy Annaprashan Dress - Rice ceremony Dress India
Annaprashan /Rice ceremony Dress For Baby Boy

Annaprashana is a Hindu ritual when the solid food is introduced to the child. This important milestone is celebrated across India when the baby is fed with rice as his first solid meal. The celebrations are incomplete without an exclusive Annaprashan dress for baby boy. As it is his day, make sure you pick the perfect Rice Ceremony dress for baby boy to give him a new look as he steps into a different world of food.

This post is everything you need to know about this beautiful ritual along with buying an incredible traditional dress for baby boy for this occasion.

What is a First Rice Ceremony?

First Rice Ceremony is the first time when solid food is introduced to a baby. Popular as Annaprasana across India, it is popular by different names in different states, like it is called Mukhe Bhaat in West Bengal and Choroonu in Kerala. The Rice Ceremony for boys takes place in the even months once they have completed the first six months and before they complete the first year.

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How to Celebrate Annaprasana Ceremony?

The ritual of Annaprasana is held in the presence of a priest at a temple. Along with reciting mantras and performing religious rites, sometimes a Yagna is also performed. In the end, the elder family member or the father of the child feeds the baby with his first sold food. Mostly, the food that is fed consists of rice, guar or jaggery along with ghee. Sometimes, the baby is fed with kheer as well.

Unique Annaprasana/ Rice Ceremony Dresses for Baby Boy

Dhoti Kurta for Newborn Baby Boy

Dhoti Kurta for Newborn Baby Boy
Newborn Baby Boy Dhoti Kurta

Dhoti kurta for 6 months baby make the most adorable choice of clothing for this occasion. Dress him up in the dhota kurta for newborn baby boy in festive colours and traditional designs if you are looking for a pure baby boy ethnic Dhoti Jacket.

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Bengali Annaprashan Dress for Baby Boy

Bengali Annaprashan Dress for Baby Boy
Bengali Annaprashan Dress for Baby Boy

Go with the traditional Bengali Annaprashan dress for baby boy designed just for this day. He is going to look super cute and feel extremely comfortable dressed in this fantastic ethnic wear for infant boy with a Bengali touch to it.

Buy Online

Rice Ceremony Dress for Baby Boy

Baby Boy Annaprashan Dress - Rice Ceremony Dress
Baby Boy Annaprashan/ Rice Ceremony Dress

Make it a memorable rice ceremony for your little prince with alluring ethnic wear for baby boy to shop online in India. Dress him up in unique fashion and style with the soft and convenient traditional annaprashan dress for baby boy.

Ethnic wear for Baby Boy Online India

Baby Boy Ethnic Wear Online, Annaprashan Dress India
Baby Boy Ethnic Wear Online

On occasions like annaprashan, nothing looks for perfect than ethnic wear for baby boys. Whether it is a simple pooja or havan, ethnic wear for infant boy match the mood of the occasion and also promise some lovely clicks.

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Indian Traditional Dress for Baby Boy

Indian Traditional Dress for Baby Boy
Indian Traditional Dress for Baby Boy

Make it a day full of celebrations and happiness for your baby boy with the best of Indian traditional dresses for baby boy designed keeping in mind the Indian traditions, colours, styles and prints. He is going to look the best on this day of celebrations.

Mother and Son Matching Outfits for Rice Feeding Ceremony

Rice Feeding Ceremony Mother Son Matching Outfits
Mother Son Matching Indian Outfits

Mother and son can coordinate over clothing with the awesome mom and son matching outfits for rice ceremony. There is certainly no other way more exciting than dressing in complete coordination with each other on such an important day of his life.

Tips for a Memorable First Solid Food Ceremony

Here are some important tips that parents must keep in mind to make the first solid food ceremony of their baby boy a memorable one:

– Send across unique and vibrant invites to your friends and relatives but make sure that you keep your guest list limited to your closed ones only.

– Make sure that your baby has had enough sleep before the ceremony so that he doesn’t get cranky.

– The Annaprashan dress for baby boy that you shop should be comfortable and soft. Do not pick clothing with embellishments. Keep it simple and easy.

– Don’t forget to hire a professional photographer who can capture these beautiful moments in his lenses.

– Maintain complete hygiene while cooking the food and also while feeding the baby.

– Make sure that the food is prepared fresh.

– Keep the menu simple and sorted.

– Never ever overfeed the baby as the food is completely new to him.

– Keep all the windows and doors open, especially if you are performing yagna.

– Keep your baby’s favourite toy close to keep him busy.

– Always have a separate room ready for your baby to relax or sleep.

– If you plan to gift your guests some favours then sweets, dry fruits or chocolates are the best choices.

– Never hesitate to ask for help.

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