To start with, open in your browser. To make sure that your credit note code works, you will require signing in on Just follow these simple steps:

1. Click on Sign In button to login.

 Account sign in

 Account login

2. Now select the product(s) of your choice. Select the required size and click on “Add to Cart”.

Select product

 add to cart product

3. Go to “Discount Code” option and enter your Credit Note Code to apply it on your purchase.

(Note: Make sure that the Total Bill Amount your purchase has to be equal to or less than the Credit Note Amount or else it will not be valid. In case of any queries in relation with credit note, please get in touch with our customer support team at +91-8003550118).

Click on Checkout to proceed further.

checkout page

4. Fill in your shipping details.

5. Select the Shipping Method from the given options.

6. Select the Payment Mode from the given payment options.

7. Click on Place order once you have checked the order details to complete the process.

place order shipping detail

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