Delivery & Returns Policy

Cancellation Policy

If for some reasons you have to cancel an order, you will require to do so within 2 hours of placing the order, as most of our orders are shipped the very same day. Simply call us or drop us an email.

For Outright/Complete Order Cancellations

» If the order cancellation is made before the item(s) is shipped, you will get the full refund

» If the order cancellation is made after the item(s) has been shipped, you will get back no refund or credit

Return Policy During COVID Crisis:

» Under any circumstances, we are strictly NOT accepting any kind of returns/exchanges during this Pandemic. We recommend you to check sizes/measurements behorehand with our Whatsapp Team here,

» Our usual Return Policy shall resume once everything normalises. We request your cooperation meanwhile.

This page was last modified on Wednesday, January 05, 2022

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